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National Teacher Appreciation Day

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What is the Perfect Gift for Mom?

When we think of Mothers we all know that she often puts everyone else in the family before her. This often means taking care of the house, the kids, the Read more »


HYLEYS DONATES BACK TO SCHOOL PACKS   At Hyleys Tea, we feel responsible to do our best not only in the quality of our products but a corporate responsibility to Read more »


Boost your metabolism naturally! Losing weight can be a difficult challenge for many people. How many times have you started a diet and broke it only a few days later. Read more »

How to Steep a Perfect Cup of HYLEYS Tea

Is there a secret to a perfect cup? Tea is delightful. Tea is sweet. It’sanall-time favorite beverage, and we enjoy drinking it! This is not just us though, there are Read more »

Hyleys New Sleep Tea

Are you looking for a 100% natural way to help you get the sleep you really need? Sleepless nights can take a toll on your body, and the pills prescribed Read more »


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Can Green Tea Truly Fight Cancer?

This antioxidant rich beverage has amazing cell restoring benefits. Without any doubt, tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. It’s widely popular too. Research after research has provento us Read more »

Iced Tea Recipes

DID YOU KNOW THAT YOUR FAVORITE HYLEYS TEA COULD BE A GREAT DELICIOUS OPTION ON A HOT SUMMER DAY? There is nothing more refreshing than a glass of Iced tea! Read more »

The Amazing Benefits of Tea!

Can one of the most popular beverages in the world help you live a better and longer life? Did you know that that precise tea cup that you have in Read more »