At Hyleys Tea, we feel responsible to do our best not only in the quality of our products but a corporate responsibility to contribute and support those in need. We are proud to mention that Hyleys Tea, along with other supporters, was part of the inspiring Essential School Supplies Project (ESSP) initiative by the Foundation of Goodness (FOG) in providing 18,950 school peaks for children with financial difficulties in Sri Lanka. By doing this, we made sure that children supported by this organization, received valuable donation packs that helped them go back to school just like any other children in the world do. All ESSP school packs are composed of the basic school gear and supplies that seems so simple and affordable to us, but the truth is that these children’s parents are not in a position to afford it. That makes them unable to give their loved ones a fighting chance to go through a normal education and strive for a brighter future. Sponsored by Hyleys Tea, the ESSP school supply pack includes items like school uniform and a bag, pair of shoes and socks, pencils, pens, exercise books, rulers, eraser, lunch box, etc.


FOG is a non-profit organization created in 1999. From the very first day, its goal was to make a real change to many lives in Sri Lanka by initiating different charity projects and events. For almost 16 years of community service, FOG has managed to successfully work and excel its expectations by surpassing financial barriers and obstacles that got in the way of its activities. One of FOG’s most significant and successful contributions to the population in Sri Lanka is “The Essential School Supply Packs” project, which has been active since the beginning. FOG supports more than 30,000 beneficiaries across Sri Lanka through its 30-empowerment activity sectors each year.


Charity events like these are filled with joy and happiness where thousands of children that are thankful for the new chance for brighter future that wouldn’t be possible without the generous donations of many organizations. In 2014 _ the last school year, FOG managed to deliver a total 1,879 supply packs, and Hyleys Tea was part of this activity.


As FOG puts massive effort to prepare and deliver more supply packs and reaches for the number of 20,000 packs, we are happy to take part in giving a chance to many deserving children.


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