This is a MUST. I love this tea. It really does help with digestion. I have every flavor; however, the Acai Berry is my favorite.

Very uplifting rejuvenating tea, perfect for weight loss without any side effects. This is an amazing slim tea which helped me lose ~3lbs in a week. Would definitely recommend it !!!

I have been drinking 1-2 cups of this tea daily for a few months and it has been completely effective in relieving constipation. As far as weight loss it may help a little, but that’s not why I drink it.

Have been using it for a week. I am not monitoring my weight, but it definitely seems to help with cleansing and digestion. Do not use if you have sensitive stomach.

Love this tumbler. Perfect hot or cold.

My first time getting this kind of tea, it smells and tastes really good.