It works alright

This tea does exactly what it’s supposed to do…Keeps me regular

I drink this tea after my evening meal and another cup before bedtime. I’ve lost about 5 lbs in two weeks, but I also exercise regularly. I drink it plain with no added sweeteners and it’s pretty good. No horrible stomach cramping like other slimming teas, but it will make you “go”, and it also relieves that full, bloated feeling. I will purchase this product again.

I drank several tea but nothing like this..i am a skeptical user to different products but this tea taste good and I have lost few lbs haven’t weighed myself yet..I go regularly every morning while drinking this tea and max result I drink 2…

I can’t live with out it. I lost a lot of weight.

Love my tea, I drink it every night! It makes me feel like I am getting rid of all the bad stuff. It’s really good! You really go to the bathroom at night(not # 2).

Love this product. Always have to have it in stock. Whenever I eat meat, this is my go to tea.

I love this tea….Its delicious taste helps to regulate my bowels! My mom,dad, sister and brother are hooked on it too. It can be found in Ross Department Stores but not on a regular basis. Hyleys Slim Tea along with a good balance diet has helped me to lose 25 lbs within the last 16 weeks. I love this product!

Awesome, not too strong. no cramps. i will re-order.

This is a great little box of tea. The taste is not bad, and it does what it says it does with no gripes..