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Easy tricks to maintain an healthy lifestyle when traveling

Many of us know how difficult it is to stay on track when traveling, easy options like junk food or fast food are always an easy way out. Planning ahead is key to make healthy choices when ever you are away from home, regardless if it is business or pleasure. But there, are some easy steps to help you stay on a healthy lifestyle when traveling.

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Simple planning is key to success!

Remember the following tips before you travel:

  • Whenever you plan a trip, always bring food with you. Healthy options like granola bars, nuts and water will help you control your hunger. If you are travelling by car, carry a cooler with you, this will allow you to carry sandwiches, milk and other healthy items like chopped veggies, cheese, boiled eggs etc.


  • If you are staying at a hotel, call before your arrival to find out whether or not the hotel serves breakfast. If they don’t, then search for a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast and research the restaurants nearby for healthy options. While visiting always look for less processed options and more fresh food like fruits, oatmeal, etc and don’t forget the breakfast of kings…eggs for extra protein in the morning.


  • At the hotel, find out if they can provide you with mini-fridge and a microwave, many hotels provide you with these essentials. As soon as you make arrival at your hotel, search for mini markets and stores to stock up healthy essentials like bottled water, fresh fruits, milk, low-sugar cereals, nuts and veggies. This will help you have a healthy breakfast and as a snack in between the meals so that you don’t feel tempted to eat junk or fast food.


  • When attending business meeting, skip the donuts and other junk food. Search for fresh fruit, if available and be prepared with your own hearty snacks. If you are attending a breakfast or lunch meeting, go through the menu and search for healthier options available in the menu. Try to consume water, coffee or tea during the meeting instead of consuming high sugary drinks. Drinking tea through out the day help you feel satisfied, improves your digestion and in many cases suppreses your appetite. If there is a specific flavor you like, order your tea online before your trip. Buying tea online enables you to choose not only a healthy beverage, but you can find numerous varieties depending on the enhanced benefit you are looking for like weight loss, anti-stress, immunity, heart health, energy, etc.

With healthy food in hand, we are certain you will fill more motivated to stay healthy and even visit the gym at the hotel. Exercise not only helps you stay fit, but also helps mood, fights depression and may prevent many diseases.


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