I love Hyleys Slim Tea as it made a significant difference to my weight loss! I am a mother of 2 small children and have been struggling with weight loss issues after 2 pregnancies and hardly anytime to go to the gym. I started taking Hyleys Slim Tea as instructed on the box and found that without changing my diet or lifestyle, this wonderful tea started cleaning my intestines out and I lost 3.5 lbs in the first week itself! Over the period of 4 weeks, my weight loss was approx 14 lbs. I feel good about myself and have more energy for my kids and my family. I hated looking at mirrors recently and dreaded getting on the weighing machine, but now, I look forward to weigh myself every morning as I want to know how many lbs did I lose since yesterday! Thank you Hyleys for making this wonderful tea as I am sure there are many moms out there who will relate to my story about how difficult it is to lose weight after giving birth! One more benefit that I want to point out is that once I started losing weight, I was more motivated to keep it off which passively encouraged me to watch what I am eating and even try and get to the gym even if it is for 15-20 minutes once a week just to run on the treadmill! Every step I take towards weight loss makes me feel good about me!:) my husband is excited too about this progress as he was feeling guilty about him being in great shape while my body changed. Now we are talking about a trip to the Caribbean as I am more confident that I have a chance to look good in a swim wear and I will do my best to fit into the swim wear of my choice before our trip!:) good luck to everyone out there trying to lose weight! We all need to inspire each other to stay healthy and keep in shape! Thank you Hyleys, I will keep drinking this tea and hope it keeps working for me!:)

Love it! Practically $0.25 a bag, less than a cup of coffee. Most of all, it works consistently daily. It is a best tea ever especially for someone who’s IBS was severe for years. It’s no less than a miracle. Thanks for a wonderful tea.

Taste natural and delicious

I love this tea….Its delicious taste helps to regulate my bowels! My mom,dad, sister and brother are hooked on it too. It can be found in Ross Department Stores but not on a regular basis. Hyleys Slim Tea along with a good balance diet has helped me to lose 25 lbs within the last 16 weeks. I love this product!

It has a nice mild taste, doesn’t stain your teeth, and from my experience it has help with my weight loss goal. Green tea is good but can be strong and does darken your teeth. I believe any warm liquids aides with the digestive system but this is the tea I enjoy drinking.

My view is that it works very well for me.

Awesome, not too strong. no cramps. i will re-order.

This is a great little box of tea. The taste is not bad, and it does what it says it does with no gripes..

This is a MUST. I love this tea. It really does help with digestion. I have every flavor; however, the Acai Berry is my favorite.

Very uplifting rejuvenating tea, perfect for weight loss without any side effects. This is an amazing slim tea which helped me lose ~3lbs in a week. Would definitely recommend it !!!