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we made great things


I love this tea. It taste good & helps with weight loss. Can’t beat the price $5.99

Miss Bev

I like the product


Love all the flavors. I have lost as of today, 3-7-2016, 13lbs!!

Sarah L.

It’s alright

Amazon Customer

Excellent recommend to everyone

V. Solomon

Four Stars  – not bad, not bad at all…the Vendor was great…

Larry Lee

Good Tea, great price

I love this stuff! Helps with bloat, upset stomach and it tastes great.

D Boweon

That’s is the best tea I have helped my family a lot I love it thank you.

Julisa Yee


Cartoon Starleton

All is well

Ricardo A. Huergo

It works alright


This tea does exactly what it’s supposed to do…Keeps me regular

Lamisha Turner

I drink this tea after my evening meal and another cup before bedtime. I’ve lost about 5 lbs in two weeks, but I also exercise regularly. I drink it plain with no added sweeteners and it’s pretty good. …


I drank several tea but nothing like this..i am a skeptical user to different products but this tea taste good and I have lost few lbs haven’t weighed myself yet..I go regularly every morning while drinking this tea …


I can’t live with out it. I lost a lot of weight.

lily colaba

Love my tea, I drink it every night! It makes me feel like I am getting rid of all the bad stuff. It’s really good! You really go to the bathroom at night(not # 2).

tasha williams

Love this product. Always have to have it in stock. Whenever I eat meat, this is my go to tea.

Aleida Gerena-Rios

I like the price since is cheaper than the tea bags that you can buy in the supermarket. It’s gentle enough that if you drink it before bedtime starts to work in the morning before you start your …


This product works great especially if you are trying to get rid of some unwanted belly fat

Emily A Nash

Excellent tea! Great taste. I’ve been drinking for a month now and seen noticeable difference in weight loss and bathroom regularity. I steep for minutes covered. I will continue to drink, have not experienced any cramps or insomnia. …

Madeleine Santiago Peterson

I love Hyleys Slim Tea as it made a significant difference to my weight loss! I am a mother of 2 small children and have been struggling with weight loss issues after 2 pregnancies and hardly anytime to …


Love it! Practically $0.25 a bag, less than a cup of coffee. Most of all, it works consistently daily. It is a best tea ever especially for someone who’s IBS was severe for years. It’s no less than …


Taste natural and delicious

maria juliana picon

The tea flavor is mild, reminds more an afternoon tea, rather than breakfast. This predominantly black tea, with blended linden blossoms. Very soothing and delicate tea.


Very nice!- English Green Tea – Gift Tin

Dmytro Kutsenko

This is a fantastic tasting green tea! Perhaps one of the best green tea I have ever tasted. I would highly recommend it.

Manjit S

This is such a unique way to pamper myself every day. The flavors in the tea seem to know exactly what I need at the moment; giving me a feeling of comfort and luxury and contentment. …

Stacy L. Brogden

We are very happy with this products. Probably this is ons of the best tea with Chamomile. We would recommend it to everyone

Boris Shteynberg

I love this tea….Its delicious taste helps to regulate my bowels! My mom,dad, sister and brother are hooked on it too. It can be found in Ross Department Stores but not on a regular basis. Hyleys …

CarolAnne Catanzaro

It has a nice mild taste, doesn’t stain your teeth, and from my experience it has help with my weight loss goal. Green tea is good but can be strong and does darken your teeth. I …

Ms. Service

My view is that it works very well for me.

lillian Rodriguez

Awesome, not too strong. no cramps. i will re-order.

Angela Menchaca

This is a great little box of tea. The taste is not bad, and it does what it says it does with no gripes..

Southern Gal

This is a MUST. I love this tea. It really does help with digestion. I have every flavor; however, the Acai Berry is my favorite.

Annonymous Slim Tea Acai Berry Customer

Very uplifting rejuvenating tea, perfect for weight loss without any side effects. This is an amazing slim tea which helped me lose ~3lbs in a week. Would definitely recommend it !!!

Shoma Chakraborty

I have been drinking 1-2 cups of this tea daily for a few months and it has been completely effective in relieving constipation. As far as weight loss it may help a little, but that’s not …

D. Williams

Have been using it for a week. I am not monitoring my weight, but it definitely seems to help with cleansing and digestion. Do not use if you have sensitive stomach.


My favorite Tea in the world and it works I don’t know what I would do without this thank you!

Joyce M. Bruton

I don’t have words to describe i just loved this tea. I lost almost 10lbs ever since i started. It is truly and highly recommended.

Anonymous Slim Tea Customer

I bought this at another store and fell in love! This stuff is great!!! It clears you out and definitely does it’s job. I’m going to buy more of this great stuff!!!


I purchased this Tea by accident and I had gained 25 pounds I notice that my metabolism was slugish and kept packing intestinal debree. Well after I started to drink this tea at Night as instructed …

Randolph Antohara

I just want to say how much I love your slim tea in every flavor! The slim tea has helped me a lot in my weight loss journey! It works! This brand has become my go to brand …


Love this tumbler. Perfect hot or cold.

Amazon Customer

My first time getting this kind of tea, it smells and tastes really good.