Hyleys Nature’s Harmony Tea--Open Box
Hyleys Nature’s Harmony Tea CollectionHyleys Black Tea and LemonHyleys Black Tea with Linden BlossomHyleys Nature’s Harmony Black Tea with Melissa and MintHyleys Nature’s Harmony Black Tea with Rosehip and HibiscusHyleys Nature’s Harmony Black TeaHyleys Nature’s Harmony Green Tea and ChamomileHyleys Nature’s Harmony Green Tea and LemonHyleys Nature’s Harmony Green Tea with MintHyleys Nature’s Harmony Green TeaHyleys Nature’s Harmony Tea--Open Box

Nature’s Harmony Tea Collection | Tea Bags

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$79.99 $69.99

Enjoy an elite variety of all-natural Nature’s Harmony tea in this fine wooden gift box collection, containing 80 tea bags in individual foil envelopes.

Nature’s Harmony is a collection of teas carefully selected from the best plantations of Ceylon and China and complemented by tasty and health promoting gifts of nature.

SKU: 12009.
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Product Description

The Collection is packed in Sri Lanka to guarantee the genuine freshness and aroma until you open the pack. Nature’s Harmony tea is the choice of health-conscious and active people, who wish to immerse in a diversity of natural tastes.


Green tea & Lemon

Green tea & Mint

Green tea & Chamomile

Black tea with Melissa & Mint

Black tea with Rosehip and Hibiscus

Black tea & Lemon

Black tea & Linden Blossom

Green Tea

Black Tea

Nature’s Harmony is a delicious way to health and wellbeing!

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