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English Aristocratic Tea | 14.1 oz Gift Tin

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$17.99 $14.99

100% natural product | premium loose tea in 14.1 oz gift tin.

English Aristocratic big leaf tea, Orange Pekoe grade, possesses a rich bouquet, exquisite taste and a delicate sweet aroma. Makes an ideal cup for drinking in the afternoon or after dinner. Some of the best restaurants in London serve this type of tea.

SKU: 8156.
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A tradition of evening tea-time, called “high tea”, which was served on high tables, was introduced during the reign of Queen Victoria. Mellow tea with fine aroma, exquisite hors d’oeuvres and relaxed conversations create the atmosphere of bliss and home coziness.


HYLEYS offers you selected Ceylon tea of Orange Pekoe A grade, characterized by a rich and harmonic bouquet. Hand-picked tea from young upper tea leaves grown in the regions of Matara and Ratnapura of the island of Ceylon. Produced in accordance with English tea traditions.


Ceylon pure big leaf black tea with no additives.

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