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$17.99 $8.99

100% natural product | premium loose tea in 14.1 oz gift tin.

Several drops of citrus oil and orange peel were added to this tea for serving at special occasions. Refined English Royal Blend Tea is comprised of young upper leaves of Orange Pekoe grade from the plantations of Galle and Ratnapura of the island of Ceylon. It is characterized by a rich deep bouquet with a soft note in the after-taste.

SKU: 10425.
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Duchess of Bedford, Anne VII, Introduced into fashion a tradition of afternoon tea. The piquant taste of High Society new was finely complemented by a cup of refreshing tea. HYLEYS offers you a delicate English Royal Blend for special occasions. A blend of young upper leaves of selected Orange Pekoe A grade from the regions of Galle and Ratnapura of the island of Ceylon with orange peels and oil added.


Ceylon big leaf black tea, orange peels, natural orange & lemon flavors, nature identical bergamot flavor.

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