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$17.99 $8.99

100% natural product | premium loose tea in 17.6 oz gift tin.

Clear as a dew drop golden brew with a harmonic bouquet and sweet taste arouses the senses and fills the soul with harmony.


SKU: 10432.
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According to the legend, an ancient Chinese Emperor Yan-Di studied plants and herbs some of which he tested on himself, so that he could later heal people. Once, by accident he discovered a wild tea plant. Having fused its leaves in a clay pot, he drank the infusion and felt invigorated and several years younger.


HYLEYS offers you a blend of green teas grown on the highland of the Chinese province of Yunnan. Fragrant and clear as a dewdrop, it is pale green colored brew with a harmonic bouquet. It is a good fatigue remover and thirst quencher.


Chinese big leaf green tea.

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